Bluetooth MIDI-CV Adapter

What is mi.1e ?

mi.1e is a multi-functional module, which is connected to iPad, used as sequencers, LFOs, CV Fader and so on.

MIDI Note will be converted to CV/Gate signals. Control Change or Pitch will be converted to CV signals. Not only just converting MIDI Signal to CV/Gate, it is possible to be LFO. There are two types of this product, "mi.1e 0|8" and "mi.1e 2|6". "mi.1e 0|8" is a white model, having 8 Outputs. On the other hand, "mi.1e 2|6" is a black model having 2 Inputs and 6 Outputs.


iOS App

mi.1e has its own application, "mi.1e connect".
Using mi.1e connect, you can enjoy more music with mi.1e.

Grid Sequencer

Step Sequencer



CV Fader


Example of use

Where to buy

FiveG CLOCK FACE MODULAR Miyaji Gakki Shimamura Gakki


mi.1e 0|8 mi.1e 2|6
Ports 8 Outputs 2 Inputs and 6 Outputs
LEDs 8 full color LEDs 8 full color LEDs
Panel Color White Black
Sync to Ext Clock No Yes
Voltage Range -10V ~ +10V -10V ~ +10V
Size 4HP 4HP
Max Depth 40mm 40mm
Power +12/12V, +5V +12/12V, +5V
iOS App mi.1e connect mi.1e connect
Rquired OS iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPad. iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Retail Value $290 $290
mi.1e manual