Firmware update

Updating the firmware is recommended to ensure that the mi.1 can be used in the most optimal condition. To do this, please download the dedicated iPhone/iPad application "Piano Jukebox" (free) from the App Store.

† If the 'Upload' button does not become available (blue), it's possible that the mi.1's firmware version is too old (e.g. V1). In this case, first update the mi.1 firmware to V2 using the "mi.1 Connect" app, explained in this video.

How to connect to iPhone/iPad

The connection between mi.1 and the iOS is made by Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI. The connection is managed in the “Bluetooth Midi Devices” List which the Piano Jukebox or some other MIDI apps have.

Preparation: Turn on the device to which the mi.1 is connected

How to connect to Mac

For the connection between Mac, go to Application/Utilities folder and open Audio MIDI Setup.

Hardware Revision and Firmware version

Hardware Revision

There are three revisions of mi.1's hardware determined by Release Date. The current revision is Rev.2.

Revison numbers Release date Appearance Update content Status
Rev.1 Oct-14 (for contributors of mi.1's IndieGoGo campaign) White, Black, Translucent -- not for sale
Rev.2 Nov-14 Smoke Changed the color of rasin case to smoke discontinued
Rev.3 Mar, 2016 Smoke
Rev.3 sticker
Replaced a Bluetooth chip to get higher BLE MIDI transfer throughput. on sale

Firmware version

"Firmware" means a program that is installed into mi.1. The latest version is v2.2.1 for Rev.2 and v3.2.1 for Rev.3.

Firmware version Corresponding Revision Update Content iOS version Updater App The latest version
V1 1.0.1/1.0.2 Rev.1/Rev.2 Supported Quicco Sound's Bluetooth MIDI iOS7 mi.1 connect
V2 2.0.0 Rev.1/Rev.2 Supported the Apple's Bluetooth LE MIDI iOS8/iOS9 Piano Jukebox
2.2.1 Rev.1/Rev.2 Fixed a bug which loses data when receiving a large amount of continuous MIDI data.
Improved the latency from MIDI to Bluetooth"
iOS8/iOS9 Piano Jukebox *
V3 3.1.0 Rev.3 Improved the throughput of Bluetooth MIDI iOS8/iOS9 Piano Jukebox
3.2.1 Rev.3 Improved the latency from MIDI to Bluetooth iOS8/iOS9 Piano Jukebox *

Support Document

mi.1 manual